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The Society's Depot is situated in the old Paterson Goods Yard which is located on the down side of the North Coast Line 213 kilometres from Sydney, directly opposite the Paterson Railway Station. Main line access to the Depot is obtained from the Paterson Goods Siding which is connected to Paterson Loop, approximately 250 metres south of the Depot's main gate.

The site, selected from a number of different locations offered to the Society by the State Rail Authority, provided us with the best combination of security as well as a convenient location for our operational activities. Occupying a little over one hectare (2½ acres), the site contains an arrival/departure road, three storage roads and a steel storage shed and workshop (85 metres long x 14 metres wide). Parcel van KB 2511 is located on an isolated track segment adjacent to the shed near the southern end and is used for parts storage. The old Paterson Goods Shed is also located on our site and is used as our carriage building and woodworking workshop. The main shed contains an in-ground servicing pit, workshop, machine shop and a 4,600 litre fuelling facility.

The Depot site was expanded in 2019 by the inclusion of the abandoned siding outside of the original boundary fence. This is a northward extension of the Goods Siding and was constructed by the Society in the early 1990's to accommodate track machines that occasionally blocked our access to main line. The points were reinstated by ARTC in 2019 and the security fence around the new siding was completed in June 2020 with the assistance of a Federal Government grant.

Member facilities are provided in sitting car BR 1395 and sleeping car TAM 503, also located on an isolated track segment at the northern end of the yard. These facilities provide accommodation for overnight stays for members and crews. Additional member facilities are also provided in the old Station Master's cottage, which also houses our museum and railway memoribilia exhibits. Road access is off Webbers Creek Road, while limited on-site parking is available for visitors.

Our Depot facilities have been the subject of many projects since the Society's establishment to improve the storage facilities and the working conditions for our many volunteers. The following video presentation provides an excellent insight into the development of our Depot infrastructure at Paterson over the 30 year period from 1992 to 2022. The Society is indebted to Stephen Adams of Steel Ribbons Productions for making this video available. Click here to view the video.



Plan of Paterson Depot Site

The Depot is the Society's base for its main line operations and the sidings provide for storage and maintenance for its fleet of rail motors and other rolling stock. The Rail Motor Shed was constructed during 1992-93 by Society members, with the aid of a NSW Heritage Grant. The support of the following local businesses in providing discounted materials and services for the project is gratefully acknowledged:

  • Belmont Fasteners
  • Boral Country Concrete
  • Hunter Electricity
  • Hunter Valley Training Company
  • Insulation Industries Pty Ltd
  • Jobert Concrete Contractors
  • Metroll
  • M O'Sullivan and Associates
  • Smorgon ARC
  • Structural Cranes
  • Tubemakers of Australia
  • T&H Metals

A superb aerial photo of the Society's Depot in 2017
Photo: © The Rail Motor Society