Photo: Stephen Preston

Come along and be part of our friendly and passionate team of volunteers. All of the people who work at the Society are volunteers, and they give of their time freely because they enjoy it. Our volunteer members have been an integral part of the Society’s success since its inception in 1984 and that is largely due to their enthusiasm, dedication and their desire to see our historic, heritage-listed collection of rail motors preserved and operated. New members are always welcome to come and join our team.

Our principal work days are Wednesdays and Saturdays, where our volunteers get together and work co-operatively to maintain our rolling stock, infrastrucure and grounds. A barbeque lunch (for a small fee) is held every second Wednesday for the enjoyment of our Volunteers. Our work days are not just restricted to men and ladies are also welcome to accompany their partners and join in our activities.

The Society also supports Centrelink's Voluntary Work Initiative for the over 55's. Volunteers wishing to participate in our activities under this scheme are also most welcome to come along.

There are many roles to play as a volunteer. Many participate in the servicing and maintaining our operational rolling stock (as maintenance fitters and diesel mechanics). There are also opportunities to assist in vehicle restoration (for carpenters, joiners, electricians, plumbers and painters, etc.), track maintenance, grounds maintenance, rolling stock preparation and administration. Working members can participate in our train operations as car attendants and are welcome to stay overnight at Paterson in one of our on-site amenities carriages.

Others participate in our mainline operations in roles such as a Driver or Driver Assistant, however, appropriate safeworking qualifications are required to participate in these roles.

Inquiries about volunteering should be directed to the Secretary.

Inquiries about volunteering under the Centrelink voluntary work initiative should be directed to the Operations Manager.


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